GANIGRADE is your inspection and Grading system where you can digitize hides and
measure the usable areas, defect portions and different quality regions.

project details

Name: GaniGrade
Commissioning: 5 days
Installation: Plug & Play
Industries: Footwear, Jackets, Automotive, Furniture etc
Demo Setup: In Office
Price: Contact us


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Manual Inspection of leather hides is time consuming and requires skilled and experienced operators. It is difficult process because it requires careful examination and strenuous as the leather needs to be checked from multiple angles to identify the defects. Our GaniGrade system replaces this process with automated converyor based inspections and grading system.

How GANIGRADE helps?

GANIGRADE is your Automated Inspection and Grading system where you can digitize hide profiles, grade and measure the usable areas, defect portions and different quality regions. It is an automated
solution using area scan cameras and conveyor setup for defect identification and classify the hides grading in to Grade 1,2,3,4 and 5.

Industries suitable for this solution


Profile you hides and grade it
based on usable and non
usable areas.

Post digitization you can track inventory of stock in and stock out to shop floor

Group your inventory based on grades, color, types or based on any custom mapping. Fetch reports based on categories.

Share your measurement data to anyone with sms, whatsapp & email.

This system also does precise, reliable, and area measuring of leather

Upload your measurement data and access it from anywhere.

This can be used for wetblue, crust and finished leather of any different sizes.

Customize with static or conveyor table based on your installation space and business requirement.

SIze and price that fits your factory requirement. Upgrade whenever you expand.

Share the digitized hide profiles with your buyer/seller online and increase productivity.

Track your raw material with barcode whenever it is stock in and issued to buyer or for cutting shop floor.

Fetch reports on inventory values, purchase and sale reports, cogs and any other customer reports.

GANIGRADE Model Variations

Static Table Model

with Area Scan Camera

Conveyor Table Model

with Line Scan Cameras

How it works

Reference Pictures and Videos