GaniPattern - Pattern Digitization System

GaniPattern systems helps to automate and easy digitization of cardboard patterns or templates using high resolution digital camera

Product Details

Name: GaniPattern
Commissioning: 5 days
Installation: Plug & Play
Industries: Footwear, Jackets, Automotive, Furniture etc
Demo Setup: In Office
Price: Contact us


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GaniPattern - Pattern Digitization System

GaniPattern is pattern digitizing software suitable for industries like Footwear, Jackets, Aviation Interiors, Automotive Interiors, Furniture, Leather Goods and Technical Textiles.

We have two two plugins

1. Import DXF Plugin

This plug-in enables import of patterns data from other CAD systems to GaniNest. Patterns can be imported from standard data formats as well as from other nonstandard formats which are available on request (Teseo, Lectra, ). It also has a light cad software called GaniDraw which helps to do data optimization, deleting unnecessary lines, points or conversion of sizes etc.


2. Photo Trace Plugin

Photo Trace plugin can be effectively used for scanning of large piece templates without need of use of large and expensive digitizers. By one shot many pieces including quality zones, sewing lines, notches and other technological marks can be digitized. Lines are automatically smoothened by using spline curves.


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