GANITRIM - Leather Edge Trimming Robot

GANITRIM is your machine vision based hide edge trimming robot which can be used for

wetblue and crust leathers.

project details

Name: GaniTrim
Commissioning: 30 days
Installation: Plug & Play
Industries: Wetblue and Crust Manufactuers
Demo Setup: In Office
Price: Contact us


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Leather edge trimming is a strenuous job which is usually followed by humans. It is very unsafe due to micro dirts and also the precise of doing this work varies. It results in more materials gets cut in manual way of edge trimming.

How GaniTrim helps?

GANITRIM is your machine vision based hide edge trimming robot which can be used for wetblue and crust leathers. It is incredibly precise, reliable, and sturdy trimming system. Suitable for very small business where there are just a few hides to be trimmed every day to large factories with thousands of hides to be trimmed daily.

Industries suitable for this solution


Replace Highly intensive manual labour to cut flapped regions

You can precisely giving how much mm need to be trimmed from the leather hides

This can be used for both wetblue and crust leather of any different sizes

We can use laser, knife and water jet based cutting heads depends the factory suitability

No more materials get cut more. You can precisely cut and save cost of area of leather

After trimming leather hide can be stacked according the factory requirement

Sze and price that fits your factory requirement. Upgrade whenever you expand.

We can customize the based on CNC Flat bed based or ARM Robot based models.

Controller unit, CPU & table are industrial grade can withstand operating conditions of factory

Measure and Profile your hides and grade it based on usable and non usable areas.

Share the digitized hide profiles with your buyer/seller online and increase productivity.

Measurement stamper unit and barcode generator can be attached to the machine

Planning & optimizing the production with reports and analytics.

GaniTrim Model Variations

CNC Machine with Knife/Laser/Waterjet toolhead

Arm Robot with Knife/Laser/Waterjet toolhead

How it works

Reference Pictures and Videos